Feisty Scottish leader heading to Portugal for “short working holiday”

Eyes peeled for Nicola Sturgeon, the feisty Scottish leader who is said to be on her way to Portugal for a “short, working holiday”.

While UK counterpart David Cameron has been getting flak for his penchant for “chillax” family breaks, the message between the lines with Ms Sturgeon is that there will be little time for pointing at fish for the benefit of paparazzi.

The Scottish Government has confirmed that while its First Minister is on hols, “she will be keeping in daily contact with Scottish Government staff”.

Indeed, the London Times goes a step further and writes that Ms Sturgeon will be “running Scotland from Portugal”.

Although Scotland’s Deputy First Minister John Swinney “will be around”, Ms Sturgeon “is still in charge”, a spokeswoman stressed, declining to say where exactly her dynamo of a boss will be staying as she oversees the UK’s northernmost country.

Ms Sturgeon, whose party wiped the Labour Party off the Scottish map in recent elections, has just returned from a whirlwind trade mission to China which is believed to have netted millions of pounds worth of business for Scotland.
She is also understood not to have had a holiday for “almost two years”.

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