‘Fear in Albufeira’ as lone gunman carries out five raids in 15 days

The Bananeiro supermarket is just the latest Albufeira business to fall victim to the lone hooded gunman who appears to be stalking his victims with apparent impunity.

Since December 15 the man whose description is surprisingly sketchy has been holding up retailers and disappearing with hundreds of euros in cash.

His first raid was on American Diner 3, from which he escaped with €200. Then came visits to a cellphone repair shop and mini-market – the first losing €400, the second €160 – before the man returned to American Diner 3 and stole another €200.

His modus operandi is fairly basic: he walks into the business carrying a gun and demanding money.

Despite the fact that he has been caught on CCTV, GNR police scrambled to catch him failed to get there on time.

The fear is now that the man will simply continue until he gets caught, a shopkeeper has told national tabloid Correio da Manhã.

This far, premises have been targeted at night when business is slow. The man wears a hoodie and his face is covered, so that only his eyes are visible, says CM.

PJ police are investigating as the crimes have all involved a firearm.

One positive aspect is that the man has told at least one of his victims that he means them no harm.

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