Favourable summer water reserves

Dam and underground water reserves in the Algarve are favourable for this summer, according to a report issued by the regional water resources authority, Administração da Região Hidrográfica do Algarve (ARH).

The report says that at the start of the dry season in May the water reserves would reduce due to an increase in use and a lack of rainfall and that two regional dams were more than 80 per cent full in June.

The Algarve’s Bravura dam was 81.6 per cent full, the Odeleite dam was filled to 80.6 per cent of its capacity and Beliche dam was 73.2 per cent full.

Silves’ Funcho dam, however, had 50.8 per cent of its capacity filled and the Arade dam was down to 19.3 per cent.

According to the ARH report, this situation “will be closely monitored and water management measures may be taken”.

With regards to the quality of the water, the report revealed that all of the dams had acceptable levels.