Fathers to get three weeks paternity leave in new law designed to reinforce new parents’ perks

A new law, designed to reinforce the rights of new parents and published today in State newspaper, Diário de República, will come into effect as soon as Portugal has a new government.

One of the biggest changes to existing legislation is the 15 working days of paid leave that new fathers are to be allowed on the birth of one of their children.

According to Lusa, the leave can be taken in consecutive days, or in blocks, during the first month of their newborn’s life.

The change sees new fathers with five extra days than they are allowed now.

But the law involves many other changes – all designed to make having children more attractive in a country that is constantly being warned that it faces “extinction” if birthrates continue at their current dismally-low levels.

New perks involve a 120-day parental licence to be shared between parents who are working; the possibility for parents of disabled children to work part-time – and the ability for parents of children under the age of three to work from home when possible, using telecommunications technology to be in touch with the office.

The law also introduces tough new penalties for any employers found discriminating against staff for being pregnant, having babies or breastfeeding.

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