Father of hit-and-run victim in Namibia “had to pick up his daughter’s body parts”

A horrific story has emerged from Namibia, where a father of a Portuguese hit-and-run victim had to pick up his daughter’s body parts from the road and wait four hours for the police after she was run over by a car last week.

Natacha Ferreira Alves, 27, had just flown into Namibia from Portugal with her father and husband when she was struck five kilometres from the Hosea Kutako International Airport.

Her father Luís Alves told national newspaper The Namibian that the car did not stop and even accelerated from the scene.

“I rushed to her, trying to resuscitate her, but I knew she was gone,” he said.

“No cars stopped. They just swerved around the body parts, and one car even drove over some of the remains.”

Recounting the moment before the accident, Luís Alves said they stopped when they saw a tortoise crossing the road.

His daughter had stepped outside to “take a closer look” and was walking back to the car when the passing vehicle hit her.

The paper adds that the father had to gather his daughter’s body parts while they waited for the police for four hours.

The distraught father also said that police did not give him information about where they were taking his daughter’s remains.

According to The Namibian, Natacha’s husband Daniel Vaz – who looks inconsolable in one of the pictures posted on the publication’s website – was unable to comment. He had been married to Natacha for almost two years. According to CM, the victim worked in a property management company in Albufeira.

Police public relations officer Edwin Kanguatjivi confirmed the hit-and-run accident but said no arrests have been made and that police are still investigating.

Meantime, the father said he will take his daughter’s ashes to Portugal and hold a “beautiful ceremony” for her.

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