Father allegedly kidnaps son: mother already jailed for kidnap
Photograph uploaded onto Facebook by uncle yesterday

Father allegedly kidnaps son: mother already jailed for kidnap

PJ police fear boy may already have been taken out of country

Bastian, a five year old boy who was kidnapped by his mother for five months, has now allegedly been kidnapped by his father. 

Reports suggest PJ police ‘fear for the boy’s life’. 

The child was in the care of his maternal grandmother in Palmela when two men entered the house on the pretext that they were preparing it for the mother (a Portuguese national) to be released from prison, and allowed home on an electronic bracelet

The story ‘made sense’, says Correio da Manhã, as the house would have to be fitted with technology. 

Now, however, the mother is due to be released … and the child whose kidnap led to her incarceration has disappeared. 

CM says “in the middle of this there are mutual occasions and serious allegations.

“The mother talks of domestic violence and alcoholism. The father (a Spanish national) says he is the victim of a cabal”.

Police are “running against the clock. Rescuing Bastian is a priority, says CM, although it is almost certain the child is no longer in the country. 

“There is no information that he could have left by airplane, but he could have been taken over the frontier in a car. He could be in another country that does not permit extradition…” says the paper, citing a police source describing the father as “dangerous. He could be out of control”.

Bastian’s uncle, Miguel Rocha, posted the above image yesterday, saying: My five year old nephew Bastian was kidnapped this morning around 11am by two men in a Black VW Polo from the area of Cajados. If you have any information, please inform police”.

Updates with luck to come shortly.

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