Father jailed after bludgeoning daughter’s suspected sex attacker with iron bar

A 54-year-old man is in a critical condition in hospital this week after being attacked by an enraged father. The father was acting on an account by his 18-year-old daughter, who claimed the man – her stepfather – had tried to rape her. But the girl’s story has been refuted by her mother, thus police are investigating while the father has been remanded into police custody.

According to national tabloid Correio da Manhã, the judge due to decide the fate of the 44-year-old father, is waiting for hospital reports.

“There is the possibility that the victim will not recover from his injuries,” the paper explains, adding that this would obviously increase the severity of likely charges.

For now, the victim is “fighting for his life” in intensive care with what CM describes as “extensive brain injuries”, as well as “diverse bone fractures”.

Witnesses to the attack which took place outside the victim’s home in Baguim do Monte, Gondomar, say it was “horrible”.

Daniela Ferreira talking to CM said she just wants to forget it, as it was “very very bad”.

The stepfather fell to the ground as soon as he was hit over the head with the iron bar, and “never got up”.

His attacker has since told police that he lost his head when his daughter told him her stepfather had tried to rape her, and couldn’t contain his anger. But the fact that he arrived at the home the stepfather shared with his ex-wife, armed with the iron bar, suggests intent which could lead to a prosecution for murder.

CM adds that the 18-year-old daughter, “visibly upset that her father has been jailed for trying to protect her”, has been heard by the court of criminal instruction to verify the allegations she made against the man now lying in hospital.

The attack appears took place around 7pm on Sunday. When the victim fell to the ground, his attacker made off and was only arrested by police much later the same evening.

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