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Fatacil grounds were considered for caravan site

Lagoa Câmara looked into the possibility of turning the Fatacil grounds into a temporary park for motorhomes and caravans to maximise on the premises’ potential and generate much-needed revenue.

The proposal, submitted by local residents as a way of attracting visitors to the area and helping the local economy, was decided against due to commitments for events that are held regularly at the Parque Municipal de Feiras e Exposições de Lagoa, also known as the Fatacil grounds.

Câmara Vice-President Rui Correia told local paper Gazeta de Lagoa: “We considered the proposal with great interest as we realise there is a shortage of such facilities for caravanners and motorhomers in the council.

“However, we had to reject the proposal due to our other commitments. For example, the car boot sale (Feira das Velharias) and antiques market (Mercado das Antiguidades) together have a total of 300 exhibitors and attract hundreds of people.”

Most events held at the Fatacil grounds do not generate income for Fatasul, administrators of the premises, or Lagoa Câmara but the Vice-President says he recognises their importance to the local community.