Fat cat Garfield comes to Portugal “to combat child obesity”

World famous fat cat Garfield will be making a special appearance in Portugal in June to help raise awareness of the problem of childhood obesity. Garfield will be leaving his sofa and forsaking his beloved lasagne to take part in a 2km run organised by APCOI (the Portuguese association against child obesity) in the gardens of Casino Estoril, Cascais, on Sunday, June 21.

He will be in good company too – supported by Snoopy, Docinho de Morango and Alfa. Previous initiatives have included Noddy, SpongeBob and Babar.

The idea this year is that children run with adults – each pair connected by a ribbon.

The symbolism is “we are all in this together”.

Childhood obesity affects one in three children in modern-day Portugal and as APCOI president Mário Silva explains, the problem is largely caused by “sedentarism” – the fact that children – and adults – spend far too much time on their ever-increasing bottoms.

Thus, we have given you fair warning to get in shape and take part.

APCOI are hoping for as many as 3,000 participants and will be advertising the event at shopping centres and local post office branches.