Fastest internet

PORTUGAL RANKED seventh when it came to the fastest internet service and ninth when it came to the cheapest from a table of 30 countries.

The findings were published in the Explaining International Broadband Leadership report issued by the American Foundation for Information Technology and Innovation (ITIF).

The thirty developed countries included in the report were all members of the OCED, the Organisation for Cooperation and Economic Development.

The report revealed that Portugal was above average in terms of internet penetration and speed and would have been even higher if broadband and mobile penetration had been taken into consideration.

Wireless and mobile broadband services were gaining increasing importance in Portugal, a point backed up by ANACOM studies which showed that in the fourth quarter of 2007 the percentage of clients with wireless broadband stood at 13.6 per cent.

Portugal’s position in internet technology use stands in line with the government’s 2005 Technology Plan which aimed to modernise Portuguese society and foster mass technology use in the country in order to help increase competitiveness.

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