Fashion website raves over Southern Portugal

Canadian fashion website The Coveteur has become the latest media outlet to list all the reasons why “you should make Southern Portugal your next vacation”, describing the area as a place where “wine is cheaper than water and there’s a bucket list-y beach around every corner”.

“First, everyone flooded your feed with technicolor buckets and neon body paint in Thailand. Then there they were, wrapped in Moncler and petting wild ponies in Iceland. Now, everyone and their brother/mother/significant other is high-tailing it to the Iberian Peninsula, roaming the tiled corridors of Lisbon and committing selfie sacrilege in the Sagrada Familia,” says the article.

Writer Chelsey Burnside lists what she finds so special about the south of Portugal, mentioning beyond the stunning beaches the fact that you can stay in an “art-filled villa” one day and a “dreamy cabin in the middle of nowhere” the next.
Burnside adds that “you are always a short drive away from a castle” and, of course, “the wine is cheaper than water”.

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