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Fashion freak

Christina Aguilera needs a ladder on wheels to get to her huge shoe collection.

The singer puts a lot of effort into planning her wardrobe and likes to keep things on display so she can admire her accessories. She said ‘I have loads of wig-heads for hats and a shoe-wall filled from floor to ceiling. It even has a ladder on wheels, so I can scoot along and get what I want quickly.’ She also revealed her high heels can sometimes get her into problems. ‘I was doing a dance move and I had to get off a table. Somehow my high heel got stuck in my fishnet tights and I fell flat on the floor. I sat there with a bruised butt and a tear in my pantyhose, shrugged my shoulders and had a good laugh with the audience. It was kind of embarrassing, but, hey, the show must go on.’