Brazilian artist Cássio Markowski

Faro’s newly-renamed Gama Rama gallery to unveil new exhibition

An exhibition by Brazilian artist Cássio Markowski will be inaugurated at Faro’s Gama Rama gallery, known up until now as Gallery Pop Up, on July 9 at 5pm.

Born in 1972, Cássio Markowski is a Brazilian visual artist currently based in Almada whose work has been described as a “constant negotiation between different means of expression, where his own ethnic and cultural hybridism has emerged as an implicit issue”.

In his latest exhibition, entitled “The Sound from Far”, the artist looks at “childhood as a potential operator of resistance, reanimating sensations, rhythms and languages.

“We use drawing, sometimes in paper cutouts, sometimes in geometric patterns, to make an analogy of childhood space as a place of first memory, a place where echoes of the past reverberate in the present. Echoes of what we have lived and heard, which free or imprison us but which are crucial to what we are today,” the artist says.

The artist will also be holding a drawing, painting and collage workshop on July 10.

Gama Rama gallery, located in downtown Faro, works as a small creative incubator, hosting cultural events and facilitating artistic collaboration in the areas of painting, illustration, ceramics and jewellery.

The gallery includes four studios of resident artists, a space for exhibitions, a rotating schedule of workshops for adults and children, and a shop where you can find unique pieces by resident and other local artists.

For more information, visit the gallery’s Facebook and Instagram pages, still under the name “Pop Up Gallery Faro”.

Brazilian artist Cássio Markowski
The gallery is located at Rua do Prior 13, Faro