Faro’s favour for football fans

Giant scReens are to be erected at Faro’s Jardim Manuel Bívar for the European Under-21s championships and the long-awaited World Cup.

Faro Câmara is proud to present this opportunity to all football lovers, so nobody will miss the important games. The European Under-21s is being hosted by Portugal this year, and as many games as possible will be broadcast of both tournaments in the beautiful garden, which boasts cool shady areas for the hot summer days and spectacular views of Faro Marina.

Faro Câmara has confirmed that, “there will be several food and drink tents available, as well as climbing walls (rock climbing), and other leisure and animation features”. The giant screen is sure to be a great success, as it was during Euro 2004, where many people sat together in a crowd, cheered for their teams and enjoyed the pleasures of the outdoors.