Faro to welcome EN2 travellers with new roundabout

A new roundabout with a structure made from Portugal’s iconic ‘calçada’ cobblestone is being built in Faro in a bid to signal the 738th and final kilometre of the national EN2 road.

The circular structure will be slightly elevated from the ground, all in Portuguese ‘calçada’, and will have the number “738” on it.

Hopes are that this structure will provide added incentive for people to visit the town whilst also providing those who have travelled the entirety of the road with a sense of accomplishment when they arrive in Faro.

The original 738 milestone will also be placed on the roundabout.

For those who might not know, the EN2 road is a 738km road that links Chaves in the north of Portugal to Faro in the south. In recent years, there have been attempts to promote it as the European Route 66.

“The EN2 has become notorious, with many people travelling on it. Inland municipalities have benefited a lot because they welcome tourists who normally wouldn’t visit them. But Chaves and Faro are always privileged because they are located at the start and the end of the road. Nobody travels the EN2 without stopping at these two towns,” Faro Mayor Rogério Bacalhau told Barlavento newspaper.

Bacalhau added that the council is also working on a project to build a third circular road in Faro which is pending approval from the Court of Auditors. The plan is to link Avenida 25 de Abril to the Pena road with a roundabout and then also link it to the EN2.

These are just some of the latest attempts to boost promotion of the EN2, which authorities in Portugal are committed to turning into a tourist attraction.

Indeed, it has already been garnering international attention, especially in the US. In 2018, it was named one of the “best places to go in 2019” by American travel guide publisher Frommer’s. Just a few weeks later, it was featured on the hugely popular morning talkshow ‘Good Morning America’.

Original article written by Bruno Filipe Pires for Barlavento newspaper.