Rafael Alentejano was studying Marketing in Guarda Photo: SPORTING CLUBE FARENSE/FACEBOOK

Faro teen found dead at home in Guarda

The local community of Faro has been left in shock by the death of 18-year-old Rafael Alentejano, a youngster from Faro who was found dead inside his house in the northern town of Guarda where he was attending university.

The body of the first-year student, who was studying Marketing at the Instituto Politécnico da Guarda, was found on Saturday. The cause of death is unknown.

According to press reports, the young man is the son of Paulo Alentejano, former president of Algarve business association ACRAL and current chief of staff to Faro Mayor’s office, and Natacha Luz Alentejano, current services coordinator of hotel association AIHSA.

Guarda’s Academic Association announced three days of mourning between November 21 and 23, while Faro Council lamented the young man’s death on social media.

“After completing his entire academic and sports journey in Faro, having been an athlete of Sporting Clube Farense between the ages of six and 18, Rafael Alentejano was currently studying in Guarda. In this moment of profound grief, Faro Council sends its deepest condolences to his family and friends,” the statement reads.

SC Farense has also put out a statement lamenting the young man’s death, while the president of Faro’s municipal assembly, Cristóvão Norte, confirmed that the next session will begin with a minute of silence in tribute to the “two youngsters who lost their lives prematurely in Faro”.

Last week, student Beatriz Lopes, 17, died in Faro in a motorbike accident near a local school (click here).

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