Faro shore to get a facelift


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FARO CÂMARA’S New Year’s resolution will be to reclaim and develop the shoreline in the Bom João area, with a view to converting it into a modern leisure zone.

Work could begin in January if petrol company Galp agrees to remove its 12 storage facilities to another location. The tanks were located there to service Faro airport, but are no longer used because the fuel the airport uses is transported to the area using the train line.

The industrial site and shoreline in Bom João will be transformed into a modern leisure park and câmara President, José Apolinário said that his vision is for the area to resemble the measure taken by Lisbon Câmara, when it created Parque das Nações in an industrial zone on the Tejo River.

At the moment, the land is classed as industrial, but Apolinário is keen to convert it into an area for leisure and tourism. He also said that he wanted to construct a high quality residential area, adding that this redevelopment plan would be a perfect way of linking the city directly to the Ria Formosa Nature Park.

The câmara will work closely with the Ria Formosa to ensure that the preservation land is undisturbed during the redevelopment.

The Resident contacted Nuno Grade, head of the nature park, who confirmed that the câmara had informed them about their redevelopment plans. “We are eager to work closely with the câmara and ensure the Ria Formosa is not damaged. The land reclamation is a positive move and will encourage tourism as the façade of the city is rejuvenated.”

Apolinário believes this development is in the interests of Faro’s residents and the area as a whole. He plans to incorporate the redevelopment of the small dock in the centre of Faro into the overall reclamation plans, with the support of the Portos e Transportes Marítimos, the port authority, which has jurisdiction over any changes made to ports and marinas.

Apolinário is eager to begin in January and is in talks with Galp to negotiate the safe removal of the storage tanks in Bom João.