Faro says ‘no’ to Cardinali circus

In a groundbreaking move, Faro council has refused to grant municipal licensing to Portugal’s famous Victor Hugo Cardinali circus.

Speaking to the Resident, Henrique Ascenso Gomes from the mayor’s office explained that licensing was refused for two main reasons.

“During our routine inspection, we found that the circus was not up to our standards in terms of the way it disposes of animal waste,” he told us, saying that the circus’ failure to meet the borough’s standards was reason enough to refuse a licence.

But as Gomes then pointed out, the council also took into account a proposal put forward by Marta Correia – head of PRAVI Faro animal association and member of the municipal assembly for the PSD – which was approved by the assembly in September 2014 and suggests that the council refrain from granting support to “any act, public or private, that causes physical and psychological damage to animals”.

“Of course it is also our duty to act under the proposal put forward by Marta Correia,” he said.

Correia couldn’t be happier to see her efforts bearing fruit. “We have to praise the council for the work it is accomplishing to the benefit of animals,” she told us.

“We’re living in modern times and using animals for entertainment is reminiscent of slavery.

“I’m not fighting against circuses – what I’m fighting against is them using animals for entertainment,” she reiterated.

Now that the first step towards her goal has been taken, Correia says she plans to put forward another proposal aimed specifically at circuses that use animals for their shows – similar to the proposal approved in Funchal in November (see story https://www.portugalresident.com/funchal-says-%E2%80%9Cno%E2%80%9D-to-animals-in-circuses)

By MICHAEL BRUXO [email protected]