Faro requests pharmacy for Culatra

FARO CÂMARA has asked the Regional Health Authority to open pharmacies on the islands of Culatra and Faro, even though the areas are, according to law, too thinly populated to receive such a service.

One day before the new executive at Faro Câmara took power, councillors backed a motion supported by José Vitorino – the recently defeated president, to open a pharmacy on Culatra (including the islands of Hangares and Farol) and another on Faro Island.

Proposals were then sent to the Regional Health Authority (ARS) wich said the law stipulates that there must be more than 4,000 people living in the area to merit a new pharmacy. Although Culatra does not meet this criterion, the president of the Association of Culatra Island Residents, Sílvia Padinha, and the president of the Association for the Protection and Development of Faro Beach, Carlos Flor, say pharmacies should be installed because the islands are so isolated.