Faro opens new vaccination centre near sports pavilion

A new vaccination centre equipped to vaccinate over 500 people per day was unveiled on Tuesday (February 1) in Faro.

It is located in a tent near the Penha sports pavilion – where the local vaccination centre had been previously set up until September last year.

Around €100,000 was invested to set up the new centre, which the local council says will become the borough’s permanent vaccination site.

“Considering the vaccination process will take several years, we could not continue using the sports pavilion as we would be depriving locals of sports activities and other events,” local mayor Rogério Bacalhau said.

“So instead of renting, we bought this tent which will be used permanently for the vaccination process and will be managed by the Algarve Regional Health Administration (ARS),” he added.

Between 400 and 500 people are vaccinated at the new centre every day, “without the problem of long queues”, the mayor said. “The new centre can also be expanded to vaccinate more people if the need arises.”

The local council will also handle the logistics involved with running the new infrastructure by investing over €20,000 per month in human resources and other expenses.

“It is a great effort by the municipality of Faro, but it is worth it as it ensures better conditions for the population to be vaccinated, in a process that is thankfully working and is the only way to fight the virus,” the mayor added.