Dog park

Faro opens new dog park

Located next to the Penha Sports Pavilion, the 1000m2 park is open daily between 08:00 and 23:00

Following the success of the dog park installed in Alto de Santo António, Rua de Berlim, in 2019, Faro’s Parish Union inaugurated its second dog park in Faro last Thursday. The park is a project developed in partnership with the WallRide sports association and is located next to the Penha Sports Pavilion, next to the skate park.

Open between 08:00 and 23:00, the 1000 m2 park is free for all dogs over four months old, with an updated vaccination plan, dewormed, chipped, and with registration and valid license.

In addition to this norm, using the park implies compliance with a set of rules: dogs must always be accompanied and kept under surveillance, and dog waste must immediately be collected.

Dogs that are sick or undergoing treatment, of dangerous or potentially dangerous breeds, or with aggressive behaviour are not allowed in.

Dog park.2

Given the increase in the number of pets in the city, namely dogs, this second park aims to respond to the wishes conveyed by several dog owners who expressed the need to create another place dedicated to the enjoyment of their animals.

According to Bruno Lage, president of Faro’s Parish Union, “dog parks are suitable places for dogs to be in and run around, and nowadays are absolutely essential for dogs to spend their energy so as not to develop aggressive and destructive behaviours.”

Lage emphasised that “not all people have homes with enough outdoor space for dogs to run freely without a leash. And, for some owners, it is difficult to release dogs in public areas as they are at risk of going on the road, running away, or jumping at passers-by. Even if they are not aggressive, some dogs need to seek the attention of humans to play by jumping at them. This can be unpleasant and even dangerous for some people, as a large dog can jump on a child or elderly person and cause unwanted physical harm.”

In addition, the use of a leash or muzzle on public roads is mandatory. Since these accessories can condition the well-being and freedom of dogs, these parks are an excellent opportunity for people to release their dogs without added worries.

Dog park.3

“Dogs need to play and socialise with other dogs and people to live better lives,” added the president of Faro’s Parish Union. “Animals are often abandoned due to behavioural problems associated with the lack of exercise, play, and socialising. The creation of dog parks can therefore help alleviate some of these problems.”