Faro musicians appeal for help to build new headquarters

The association of Faro musicians has launched a national campaign aimed at raising funds to create a new headquarters.

The appeal comes afterthey received a court order to vacate the centre which some 200 musicians belonging to the group (Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Músicos de Faro) had used for 10 years and which was sold by the owner to the real estate company Cleber.

The association’s campaign was due to start on Friday February 1 with a gathering outside the Parliament (Assembleia da República) in Lisbon where they will sell ceramic tiles at €5 each, symbolically to be used to build a new headquarters.

Armindo Silva, of the musicians association (ARCM), said that although a site was available for the construction of a new centre, costing around €1.5 million, there was no likelihood of Government aid for “an association which works for the community.”