Faro linked to 11 new airports this summer

Faro Airport is to be linked to 11 new European airports this summer.

These include Budapest (Hungary); Dresden, Erfurt and Münfurt (Germany); Gothenburg (Sweden); Lille and Nice (France); Newquay (England); Warsaw (Poland); Maastricht (Netherlands) and Ostend (Belgium).

Other routes will also be expanded with more flights – representing a 17% rise in the supply of seats to and from the Algarve compared to last summer.

Regional tourism boss Desidério Silva says the development “shows that our strategy to attract new routes is working. The Algarve is a favourite destination for millions of people around the world, and to ensure that it stays that way, it is fundamental to keep investing in the constant improvement of accessibilities.”

With these new routes, Faro Airport will be linked to over 100 airports in 20 countries. The UK, Germany and France remain among the main markets.

“We need the region to be linked to the main airports in Europe and the world all year long to guarantee a steady influx of tourists,” added Silva.

“It is not enough to develop the Algarve as a big destination and create a larger diversity of tourist products if we do not offer year-round flights.”

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