Faro lacks childcare facilities

FARO CÂMARA has announced it will invest 1.4 million euros in building new and improving existing crèches and kindergartens by 2009 to combat the massive lack of facilities for children.

In a plan presented by José Apolinário, President of Faro Câmara, it will invest the money to build four new crèches, two kindergartens and increase the capacity in two existing facilities. This will increase the number of places available for pre-school children by 40 per cent within Faro council.

The six facilities to be built include the crèche and Jardim de Infância da Penha with an investment of 700,000 euros, creating 45 places for children up to the age of three and a further 100 places for children aged three to six.

Another crèche and kindergarten in the Centro Paroquial de Santa Barbara de Nexe will create 66 places for children up to the age of three and 75 places for children under the age of six.

Also to be constructed is a crèche in Gambelas that will cater for 48 children and a crèche in Estoi that will cater for 66 children.

The existing facilities at the Creche da Horta fo Ferragial and Creche da Falfosa will be extended to cater for an extra 48 and 33 children respectively.

Currently,  the struggle to find facilities with vacancies for children before they start school is so limited that many parents enrol their children before they are born. Parents also pay monthly fees to crèches and kindergartens before their child begins in order to secure a place.

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