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Faro Jewish Heritage Appeal

Faro Jewish Heritage Centre is appealing to the public to help them fund continued maintenance and administration of the only remaining vestige of the first post-inquisition Jewish presence in Portugal, at the Faro Jewish Cemetery.

The appeal has been made in memory of the late Ralf Pinto, who passed away on August 7 and was buried in the Faro Jewish Heritage Cemetery (FJHC), where he had dedicated 21 years of his life.

Ralf had focused on the restoration and maintenance of the cemetery with the aim to put the FJHC on the tourist map, ensuring its continued existence.

Since its restoration in 1992, the Isaac Bitton Synagogue Museum and numerous monuments to signal Jewish achievements have been developed in Faro to highlight the past.

There are 108 Jewish souls resting in the cemetery, with the last burial of the original Jewish community taking place in 1932.

For further information, please visit www.farojewishheritagecentre.org

Those interested in donating should contact Judy Pinto on 282 416 710 / 961 831 735 or e-mail [email protected].