Faro Hospital tackles cockroach problem

Cockroaches detected at INEM’s base at hospital

With all the problems already assailing the region’s hospitals, Faro’s now has an issue with cockroaches.

An infestation of these insects commonly associated with filth has been detected at the INEM (medical emergency) base at the hospital.

Cockroaches have been found in the floors and walls of “areas where the pre-hospital emergency technicians take their meals and ‘relax’ while waiting for call outs.

“In one of the situations, cockroaches were actually found within a sealed container of food”, say reports by tabloid Correio da Manhã, now doing the rounds of news services.

Following yesterday’s ‘exposé, the paper reports now that Faro Hospital authorities “have confirmed localised interventions, as well as those throughout the building”.

A source at the hospital has stressed that de-infestations are regularly performed – the latest having only taken place last Friday.

According to this source, ‘depending on the ambient temperature, the regularity of these interventions will have greater frequency’, says the paper.

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