Faro Hospital runs in lower gear

Faro Hospital conducted 7,320 surgical operations in 2012, which was around 1,000 less than 2011. The number of emergency admissions also decreased.

The drop in surgeries is due to the reorganisation of the operating rooms, according to the hospital’s administration, which is why they decided to suspend additional activity.

The hospital also faces numerous difficulties related to the lack of specialised medical resources, such as in the area of anaesthetics, which has already created constraints in the management of the operating areas.

A significant decrease in the number of patients admitted to the emergency rooms was also registered. There were 18,747 fewer cases compared to the previous year. One of the main reasons was due to the increased user fees (taxas moderadoras).

It was also revealed that the number of births decreased by 206, from 2,732 to 2,526.