Faro Hospital crisis persists

DOCTORS HAVE put forward a list of proposals in an attempt to solve the ongoing crisis at Faro hospital.

The problems started at the beginning of November after doctors presented resignation letters in protest over conditions at the hospital, as reported by The Resident (November 23).

Now the 20 doctors have submitted a five page letter to the hospital’s administration board, outlining a list of demands, including a reorganisation of services and extra beds for the inpatient unit.

They also ask that patients are moved from the Emergency Room immediately after the first assistance and placed in the proper units so that new patients can be treated urgently, without having to wait for hours for medical care at the EM unit.

In addition, they ask for the re-evaluation of the emergency selection system, based on what is known as the Manchester Sorting model which identifies patients with coloured bracelets according to the seriousness of each situation, and the re-evaluation of the alert system.

These all form part of the letter of demands. The doctors say their resignation letters will be rescinded if the proposals are implemented. The administration board has confirmed that the letter has been received but has refused to comment on it.

A spokesperson from the hospital said that the “letter of demands is being analysed” and that a decision about its contents should be released in the coming days.

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