Faro hospital chaos continues

IN AN effort to end the month long chaos in Faro hospital’s emergency unit, a new plan has been announced to provide more funds and create more space.

However, the lack of available stretchers, which partly led to the chaos, will not be resolved until the summer.

The Ministry of Health has announced that three million euros will be allocated to Faro hospital until 2010 and construction of an 800sqm prefabricated facility costing one million euros has begun in an effort to reduce the amount of patients waiting in corridors.

This facility will be finished within four weeks, according to the hospital Administration but will not be fully operational until May or June.

As well as plans to improve Accident and Emergency, an Observation Service area will be allocated, with a room for patients with contagious infections, including bird flu and another room for psychiatric isolation, as well as an information desk for patients and visitors.

Regional Health Authority President, Rui Lourenço, said: “The hospital needs peace”, adding that “only with all possible support can the problems be resolved”.

Despite the new plans, one of the main issues, that of the doctors who handed in their notice in mid December in protest of long hours and poor working conditions, remains unresolved.

Although the doctors continue to work, there is great unrest and the Nurses Authority has also said that many structural and administrative changes are essential.

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