Faro gives green light to 350 new commercial signs

It sounds a lot, and the bottom line is that the Faro town council will be doing “very nicely, thank you” from it. The Câmara has voted to allow 350 new signs for the city, at a minimum cost of €5,775 per month, reports national tabloid Correio da Manhã.

According to councillor Teresa Correia, 200 are destined for the northern area of the city, with another 50 in the parish of Montenegro, and 100 in the downtown area.

Work is to start of setting up the necessary posts and infrastructures, while what is left now is for businesses to take the lead and start putting themselves up in lights, or at least on hoardings.

Said Correia, the move has come from the “commercial dynamics of the city”.

“We felt the need for economic activities to be able to publicise their establishments, and this must be done in an ordered way”, she told the paper.

Only time will tell if the city’s price tag for order will appeal to businesses that already have to contend with yet another mega-shopping complex about to blast onto the regional horizon (IKEA, in the next door borough of Loulé).

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