Faro gang fights claims life of young man

A FARO resident died on December 9 in the Hospital de São José in Lisbon after being injured in a fight between gangs in the centre of Faro.

João Pedro Dias, aged 20, was injured in the head during a fight between a Faro gang and one from Quarteira in the early hours of Friday morning, next to a restaurant in the centre of Faro.

João was injured when he and his friends got involved in a gang fight in the Largo do Carmo area of Faro. Despite his head injury, João refused to seek medical support. An hour-and-a-half later he began to get light headed and lose consciousness and his father was called by his friends, who then called the INEM.

No neurosurgeon

João entered Faro hospital at 10.25am in a deep coma and was not responding to specialist measures. Due to the seriousness of the injury and the fact that no neurosurgeon was on duty in the Faro hospital that Friday, the patient was transported to Lisbon arriving at 10pm, but little could be done and he died the following evening.

A source from Faro hospital said that João had suffered another blow to the head in October and had been admitted to hospital and had six stitches. It was likely that this had triggered the brain haemorrhage. He was also found to be under the influence of cannabis.

João’s father is outraged that there was no surgeon available to attend to his son on the day and has pleaded that someone from the gangs come forward to shed some light on what happened that night.

The PSP are still investigating the incident and have issued a warning to residents about the presence of gang fights in the centre of Faro late at night.

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