Faro floods after yesterday’s heavy rain

Several parts of Faro were flooded yesterday (May 5) due to a period of intense rainfall around lunchtime.

Downtown Faro and São Luís were the most affected areas, with water reaching depths of 20cm.

Heavy rain also flooded the town’s municipal theatre and a number of stores, restaurants and basements.

No one was hurt and no significant damage was reported, however, and firefighters had the situation “under control” by the end of the afternoon, a source from rescue operations centre CDOS Faro told Lusa news agency.

While it rained all over the Algarve, there were no reports of floods in other towns.

“35 requests for help in one hour”
Abel Gomes from CDOS Faro explained that while the rescue service didn’t receive “very many requests for help”, all 35 of them were placed between “1.30 and 2.30pm, when the rain was falling with more intensity”.

He added that floods were made worse by high tide, which made it harder to drain the rainwater.

Drainage systems have since been cleaned by municipal workers, Faro mayor Rogério Bacalhau confirmed.