Faro flight from UK brings two people hiding cocaine in bottles of shampoo

PJ police are investigating the strange case of two British holidaymakers arrested after arriving in Faro airport from the East Midlands in the UK with what appears to have been cocaine hidden in bottles of shampoo.

According to the Daily Mirror, a total of 10 suspect bottles were found in the couple’s luggage.

Customs officials were ‘tipped off’ to the duo by British counterparts, said the paper.

The 32-year old man and 29-year-old woman arrived in Faro in the company of a group that included a pensioner and a baby, the Mirror added

They have been in police custody since Sunday, and are due to appear before magistrates today.

A source told the paper: ““The judge will decide whether to release them on bail or send them to a local jail after quizzing them in court”.

For now, the quantity of cocaine found has not been revealed.

The Mirror adds that “follow-up tests to confirm the original findings that the substance found inside one of the shampoo bottles was cocaine – and determine whether any of the other bottles contained the drug – are also expected to take place”.

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