Faro downtown and airport flooded due to heavy rain
Photos: Bruno Filipe Pires/Open Media

Faro downtown and airport flooded due to heavy rain

Several streets are completely flooded

The heavy rain that fell between last night and this morning has flooded parts of downtown Faro as well as its international airport.

Several streets in downtown Faro are completely flooded, with water coming up to people’s knees in some areas.

Faro’s international airport has also been affected. CMTV has shown footage of water dripping from one of the terminal’s ceiling, leading to minor floods in certain sections of the airport.

Faro is no stranger to these kinds of floods, having registered around €2 million of damages caused by a particularly serious flood in its downtown area last year.

The downpour on December 5, 2022 caused flooding and blocked roads and prevented the opening of schools and shops in Faro, the worst affected municipality in the Algarve, where 92 incidents were recorded.

Local mayor Rogério Bacalhau has frequently defended that these floods result from the heavy rain that falls in a short space of time and not from an inadequate rainwater drainage system.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]