Faro distributes 1,000 hand sanitizer dispensers among local businesses

Faro Council is distributing 1,000 hand sanitizer dispensers among local businesses in a bid to keep clients and workers safe as the economy tries to get back on its feet.

The first dispensers were symbolically delivered on Thursday (June 18), with the remaining to be distributed throughout the coming weeks.

The project represents an investment of nearly €90,000 and involves contributions from the Algarve retailers association (ACRAL), the association for the commercial development of Faro’s historic area (ACB), the association of regional hotel industry (AIHSA) and the cultural and activist association of downtown Faro (OCAB).

Says the local council, “consumers have to feel safe when visiting local businesses and restaurants”.
“This measure aims to attract buyers and provide safety to those selling so that we can continue to strengthen the feeling of confidence among everyone and encourage a return to the kind of normal that is possible at this time,” says Faro Mayor Rogério Bacalhau.

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