Faro deputy mayor suspect in corruption probe as police raid town hall

Faro deputy mayor suspect in corruption probe as police raid town hall

Faro council is at the centre of a corruption probe which saw PJ police raiding the local town hall on Tuesday and naming four people as official suspects, most notably Faro’s deputy mayor Paulo Santos.

According to Correio da Manhã, his ex-wife Sandra Ramos, president of municipal company Ambifaro, has also been named a suspect as well as the company’s general manager Hugo Geraldo and a local lawyer.

PJ police have revealed that the four are suspected of crimes of “passive and active corruption, embezzlement, prevarication and abuse of power”.

Searches were carried out at the town hall, the municipal market, at Ambifaro’s headquarters and at the lawyer’s office.

Says CM, police are suspicious about how some of the commercial spaces at the municipal market were attributed.

Also under investigation is a holiday rental property (Alojamento Local) that the deputy mayor allegedly runs with the lawyer, the tabloid adds.

CM says that police gathered several “physical documents” as well as emails and text messages sent by the suspects.

Faro council has released a statement saying that it cooperated with authorities during the searches and that it “answered all questions” that were asked about Paulo Santos and Sandra Ramos.

Faro mayor Rogério Bacalhau also said he and the council are ready to continue working alongside authorities and that he maintains his confidence in everyone who works for the council and its municipal services and companies.

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