Faro demands inclusion in high-speed train link

news: Faro demands inclusion in high-speed train link

FARO COUNCIL has voted unanimously to petition the government and demand the city’s inclusion in the forthcoming plans to build a high-speed rail link connecting Portugal’s main cities and providing a fast connection to Spain.

Faro’s inclusion in the project is currently in jeopardy, following the government’s recent announcement that original proposals will be revised, reducing the network to just two lines (Lisbon-Porto and Lisbon-Madrid), omitting the previously planned link: Lisbon-Faro-Seville.

Socialist (PS) councillors originally agreed that only a request for “clarification” would be sent to the government. However, Social Democratic (PSD) councillors considered this measure “too weak” and pressured PS, the party in power at Faro Câmara, into altering the official communication to a “demand”, thereby making the council’s dissatisfaction absolutely clear.