Faro Council launches “stay-at-home” grocery delivery system

Faro Council has launched a grocery delivery system alongside local stores as part of a municipal initiative entitled #FaroEmCasa (#FaroAtHome).

The system allows local citizens to order groceries, hygiene products and medicine and have them delivered right to their door.

It was created by the local council alongside taxi company Rotáxi, retailers’ association ACRAL and several local businesses.

The goal is twofold – to help keep local businesses afloat while also encouraging people to stay home, thus limiting the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

To use this service, local citizens are asked to write down their shopping list beforehand, making it clear which and how many items they need.

They can then contact one of the participating establishments to make their order. Clients will be informed of how much their order will cost and how it will be delivered. Additional fees may be charged if the order is delivered by taxi.

Payment can be through bank transfer or money transfer ‘app’ MB Way.

The list of participating establishments – as well as their schedules and contact information – is available online at https://www.cm-faro.pt/pt/menu/1255/entrega-de-bens-ao-domicilio.aspx

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