Faro council approves new campsite regulations

Faro council approves new campsite regulations

After finally regaining control over the town’s campsite, Faro council has announced that it has already approved the campsite’s regulations and that it plans to open it up to everyone by next year.

Renovations to the campsite, which are expected to cost €446,000, started over two weeks ago after the around 100 campers who had been living there since 2003 packed up and left.

They had been involved in a legal battle with the council for months but their injunction to stop the council from taking back control of the campsite was unsuccessful, forcing them to leave by November 25.

Once the revamp is completed, the park will boast 200 tent spaces, 84 of them for large tents, as well as 24 spaces for motorhomes.

It will be open all year round between 8am and 8pm from September 16 to June 15 and between 8.30am to 10.30pm from June 16 to September 15. Campers won’t be able to stay at the campsite for longer than 15 days between April 1 and October 31 so that “everyone can have a chance to use the facilities”.

“From now on, the campsite will be part of the borough’s tourist infrastructures and will exclusively serve the interests of the local economy, helping bring more and more people to Praia de Faro and strengthen the municipality’s reputation as a top beach destination,” the council says.

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