Faro Community Garden inaugurated in Patacão

Faro Community Garden inaugurated in Patacão

The event took place on the 7th of September as part of the City Day celebrations.

Faro Mayor, Rogério Bacalhau, inaugurated the city’s community garden in Patacão on Wednesday, the 7th of September. Participants are already thinking about planting legumes at the beginning of autumn. They will make the most of the fresh soil to be fertilised”, said Bacalhau. “And there are also plans on the horizon to expand the garden”.

The mayor expressed the desire to increase the size of the new community garden as he handed over the keys to those awarded the plots. “We will see with the Algarve’s Regional Agriculture and Fisheries Directorate (DRAP) if it is possible and, if we have more land, we can create conditions for other people to enjoy this type of activity”, said the mayor.

The Municipality of Faro already had created a community vegetable garden “in the old town, in 2010, with a very small area”. However, the desire to “create better solutions” materialised in Patacão, within the perimeter of the Algarve’s DRAP.

In all, 26 plots were made available to individuals and social solidarity institutions, such as the Portuguese Cerebral Palsy Association in Faro (APPC Faro), the Association for Intervention and (Re) habilitation of citizens with Disabilities and/or neurological disabilities, APATRIS 21 – the Algarve’s Down Syndrome Association, and Glocal Faro, Environmental Conservation Organisation.

Users will practice organic and sustainable agriculture with the support and knowledge of DRAP Algarve technicians. ALGAR will offer biological compost to fertilise the plots.

Community garden Faro

“Here people can do their activities, relax. They can also do some savings, especially today, with food costs on the rise”, highlighted the mayor, stating that “everything is more expensive than it was six months ago, or a year”, due to the rise in inflation caused by the war in Ukraine.

The project also aims to enhance its users’ health and quality of life through contact with nature and by reducing sedentary lifestyles.

The tender for the allocation of plots took place in February and March of this year.