Faro cinema to reopen under new management

Only a couple weeks after Faro’s only cinema closed down at the Forum Algarve shopping centre, a source linked to the process has told the Resident that it will be reopening on July 31 under the management of Portuguese communications giant Nos.
According to the source, the cinema is expected to reopen with at least “part of the staff that worked with the prior management, SBC Cinemas”.
Improvement work to the cinema’s nine theatres will be carried out as it had been announced by the shopping centre, but “only after the summer season”, the sourced added.
The news of the cinema’s possible reopening comes only a few weeks after the closure of the SBC Cinemas, which had been bringing movies to Faro for the past 12 years.
In an official statement, SBC International Cinemas had said: “The cinema is no longer part of our long-term plans” – and thanked all its “clients and employees”, who supported the company for the 12 years it operated in Faro. They added: “We share their sorrow.”
On the other hand, Nuno Mendão, spokesperson for Forum Algarve, said that SBC “was not able to keep up with the renovation work Forum Algarve wanted to carry out in the cinema theatres”, and that the cinema would be reopening soon under new management.
Official confirmation of the reopening, however, is still expected from both Forum Algarve and Nos.
by Michael Bruxo