Faro Cineclube in bad financial state

Faro Cineclube (CCF) is facing the worst financial crisis in the 50 years since it was set up, primarily because of a large reduction in the support it receives from the local council.

Organisers fear that many of the initiatives planned until the end of the year will have to be cancelled and, in a worst case scenario, the association will close.

A spokesman from CCF told Portuguese newspaper Barlavento: “Given the bad financial situation facing Faro Câmara , the municipality reduced our financial support to 2,500 Euros, when the subsidy used to be 15,000 Euros.”

The movie association will have to reduce costs drastically and call on the help of its members. “We sincerely hope that we can overcome this serious financial situation, otherwise we will be forced to close the CCF doors,” said the spokesman.