Faro celebrates Portugal Day

Cavaco Silva, president of the Portuguese Republic, has chosen Faro as the venue for this year’s Portugal Day celebrations.

Faro Mayor Macário Correia said: “We want to have the city cleaned and involve the people  and the local authorities in the celebrations.”

There will be two banquets involving more than 200 people from the diplomatic corps, among many other guests. Emphasising that the city will function as a “showcase” on June 9 and 10, the leader of the council said the hosting of this event “requires much work from all”.

“I want to launch a challenge to Faro inhabitants and ask them to have the city cleaned, painted and whitewashed,” he said, adding that the image of the city will be highly publicised in the press.

Macário Correia also said that he wants to involve schools, artists and cultural associations, adding that in the days before the celebrations, several festivals and events will take place in the city.

The exact locations for the celebrations have not yet been chosen but Largo de São Francisco or the land near Faro Municipal Theatre are the places being considered for the military parade.