Faro campsite renovations get green light after court rejects campers’ injunction

Loulé’s Fiscal and Administrative Court has rejected an injunction lodged by a group of around 100 campers to save them from being evicted from Faro’s campsite, thus making way for the planned renovations at the campsite to finally move forward.

The court’s decision was announced by Faro Council in a press conference on Monday (November 11).

“The decision was entirely in our favour and shows we were right about what we are doing. We can now move forward with our plan,” Mayor Rogério Bacalhau told reporters.

The council will notify the campers to leave the campsite before Monday, November 25.

Bacalhau added that the council is willing to help the campers move out of the campsite, although he warned them that they will be held responsible if they leave behind their belongings, such as their motorhomes.

He also said that the two campers who reportedly do not have the financial means to find another home will be aided by the council’s social services.

“People will be treated well. We want to return this area to the population and impose rules, like all other campsites,” said the mayor.

The conflict started around a year ago when the local council informed campers that it would be ending its long-standing agreement with them, which had allowed them to live at the site since 2003 when it was closed down and run it like a closed condominium.

The council’s project, which represents a €450,000 investment, involves mostly renovations to the campsite’s existing infrastructures.

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