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Faro Câmara gets emotional about new campaign

Getting to the heart of the population is the objective of Faro Câmara, who recently launched an innovative communications campaign.

The campaign, entitled Faro Evoluímos Consigo (Faro, we progress with you), revolves around three themes – credibility, legitimacy and affectivity – which the Câmara hopes will become its trademarks.

A spokesman for Faro Câmara said: “The council sets itself apart from the rest for various reasons and now is the time to show the population that we are passionate about what we do.”

The heart-shaped logo of the campaign symbolises the historic centre of the city while the different shades of red used in it express the idea of sharing positive feelings.

In conjunction with the launch of the campaign, the Câmara’s new website was launched and can be visited at

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