Photo: Bruno Pires/Open Media

Faro calls for action over Almancil landfill fire

“All necessary means should be deployed to quickly extinguish fire”

Faro’s parish union has called for authorities to act over the fire which has been burning at a landfill in Vale da Venda in Almancil, Loulé, since last week.

Says the parish union, the fire has led to a plume of smoke which has “invaded Faro with great intensity, causing serious disruptions to the population.”

It adds that all the necessary means should be deployed to quickly extinguish this fire which is affecting the health and quality of life of over 50,000 people in Faro.”

The parish union also highlights that Faro was named two weeks ago by the European Environment Agency as the second city in Europe with the best air quality, being beaten only by Swedish city Umeå.

The fire has already led the regional development commission (CCDR Algarve) to suspend the landfill’s licence. A similar fire had already broken out at the landfill in 2011, lasting 16 days.

By Michael Bruxo