Faro bypass reopens today

Faro’s “North” bypass is finally going to open this afternoon at 6pm, although the opening ceremony that was planned has been cancelled “as a sign of respect” for the three young victims of a horrific head-on crash on the EN125 this morning (click here Three killed in new collision on EN125).

As mayor Rogério Bacalhau announced earlier this month, the 2.5km bypass linking Faro to the EN125 and other municipal roads is going to open in stages throughout August.

The roadworks were expected to have been completed sooner but suffered setbacks such as “a water main and electrical wires” that had to be relocated.

The bypass is considered “essential” in lowering the number of vehicles – around 20,000 – that were previously forced into bottlenecks in the centre of the Algarve capital (click here Faro bypass to finally open this month)