Faro bridge report shock

A damning three-year-old technical report from the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC) has been discovered this week in Faro Câmara offices. It apparently describes the bridge accessing Praia de Faro on Faro Island as being “in an advanced state of dilapidation”.

José Vitorino, President of Faro Câmara, immediately brought the report, which also recommends the construction of a new bridge, to public attention. Vitorino then sent an official to the commander of the GNR in Faro, where he requested the immediate implementation of a câmara directive, dated 27 March 2001, which orders drivers to maintain a minimum distance between all vehicles of at least 30 metres. The LNEC report also claims: “It is essential to maintain the current limit of weight of traffic to under 3.5 tonnes.” But the report makes clear that during the period of inspection (26 February 2001) “this limit was not respected”.

In a press conference, Vitorino also revealed he had requested a new inspection from LNEC as “a matter of urgency”. The Câmara President has also requested suggestions and additional recommendations to guarantee the structural safety of the bridge.

Following this incident, the local authority has apparently asked the delegation from the port institute of maritime transport, “once more and with urgent justification, to reactivate the boat service connecting Faro and the island”.