Faro Beach traffic chaos as “too many people jump the lights”

Bank Holiday Monday saw chaos at Faro Beach – not this time due to holes left by absentee roadworkers but by drivers “disrespecting” provisionary traffic lights.

Access agony has been ongoing since Polis Litoral began ‘improvements’ in the area (click here).

But the long-weekend piled on even more misery as scores of drivers, frustrated by the time the lights shone red, decided to take their chances and advance across the bridge anyway.

Meeting vehicles coming in the opposite direction then caused major snarl-ups with tempers running high.

“We are going to have to try and ask Polis to put some of their agents on site, to manage traffic flow”, parish council president Steven Sousa Pereira.

For now at least, the situation has calmed as long-weekenders are almost all back at work.

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