Faro at mercy of untreated sewage

The waterway of Lavadeiras, at the entrance to Faro, has become a “stinking line of sewage”. So say local Socialist politicians, who accuse the council and waste disposal company Fagar of “knowing about the situation for at least two years” without doing anything about it.
The news comes from Correio da Manhã which reminds readers that it wrote in September last year that the river was receiving raw sewage from Faro Hospital.
Now, say the city’s PS politicians, it has become transformed into an “enormous pool of sewage, rubbish and nauseating stench, running freely all the way to the Ria Formosa”.
CM reports that the local council will finally debate the issue at its next meeting.
Late last year, shellfishermen were thrown into uproar when the EC determined that pollution levels in the Ria Formosa meant they could no longer fish for clams and bivalves.